Since 1958, Tempco™ has been outfitting the people who work and play outdoors. Born out of a robust, iconic heritage of western culture and values, Tempco is for those who know and speak of strength and stamina, control and courage, camaraderie and sportsmanship, pride and prowess. For those who live their lives richly, intensely, boots on the ground. Work hard. Work proud. We’re proud of our heritage, and we’re proud to be able to share it with another generation.

Welcome to Tempco®.

Fits Your Life

Born in the land of people who celebrate when Mount Ranier is out, Tempco™ was created to be lived in, worked in, and played in. Our company values life experiences, and our products are designed to make the most of everything outdoors has to offer. So head outside, and trust your comfort to us.


Tempco™ provides complete temperature control using Natural Down and Warmtek™ technologies.  Natural Down is humanely sourced, premium white down with a minimum 700 fill power loft. Our Natural Down products are soft to the touch, light weight, and provide you with exceptional warmth. Because of down’s warming power it doesn’t need to be puffy, which allows for slimmer silhouettes and items that can be layered. 

WarmTek™ Down is a superior combination of humanely-sourced natural down and engineered poly-down clusters for a fully-padded quilting that will keep you comfortable throughout the winter

Engineered Down is a lightweight synthetic that keeps you warm without weighing you down! It feels and performs like natural down, providing a high level of warmth and comfort. The intertwined fibers form lofty heat clusters that collect and hold heatUnlike natural down, quick-drying engineered down will retain warmth even when wet and is a smart choice when you aren’t going to let a little rain stop your adventure.